Registration For Mother Meera's April 2007 Colorado Darshan Program

Instructions. To make a reservation request for Darshan, please fill out the "Personal Information" and "Darshan Dates and Times" sections located at the bottom of this page. The points below will help clarify how to complete the form. When you have completed the form, please click the "Submit Reservation" button. Afterwards, a screen will appear that acknowledges your reservation request. Since some sessions may fill up quickly, we cannot guarantee you will be confirmed for all reservations you have requested. Therefore, please consider your request pending until you receive final confirmation of your reservation from us by email.

Dates And Times. Mother Meera will be in the Denver/Boulder area in April on the following three days only: April 20, 21, 22. Mother will give two Darshans each day, one in the afternoon (2 pm) and one in the evening (7 pm).

Restrictions. You may request a reservation for a maximum of three Darshans. You may not receive or reserve two Darshans on the same day. If you plan to come with a group, each person must make his/her own reservation -- we are not taking group reservations at this time. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to attend Darshan. (Children receive Mother's blessing through their parents.) If you are 18 or over, please leave this checkbox empty.

Health Issue. During Darshan, people gradually move forward on the floor in the center aisle. If you have a health concern or physical limitation that would prevent you from kneeling or sitting on the floor for an extended period of time, you should select the "Do you have a health issue?" checkbox and then briefly describe the issue in the "Comment" box. You should also select the "Do you have a health issue?" checkbox if any health issue would prevent you from sitting quietly in a chair for a few hours. Please note in the "Comment" section if you are unable to kneel for your personal Darshan and would like to sit in a chair.

Volunteer. Check this box if you would like to volunteer any of your time or skills to help with events and activities sponsored by Mother Meera Home Colorado.

Resident of MMHC. Check this box if you are interested in living at the Darshan Hall/Home of Mother Meera in Colorado.

Location. Be sure that Colorado is selected. This Registration form supports registration for the Colorado Darshan program only.

Personal Information
First Name Last Name
City State
Postal Code Phone
E-mail address Profession
Are you under 18? Yes Comment
Do you have a health issue? Yes
Would you like to be a volunteer? Yes
Do you want to be a resident of
Mother Meera Home Colorado?
Darshan Sessions
F, April 20, 2:00PM F, April 20, 7:00PM
Sa, April 21, 2:00PM Sa, April 21, 7:00PM
Su, April 22, 2:00PM Su, April 22, 7:00PM

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